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Please VOTE  on May 2, 2016

Please attend the Town Meeting
May 14, 2016

Vote for 


  • Voted to limit the use of Free Cash for operating budget
  • Strong advocate for East Templeton as Town Hall
  • Implemented DOR Financial Management Recommendations
  • Advocated for Town Administrator Position
    Vote for 

    Board of Health

For a sign or more information call:

978-340-2503  or

Welcome to the official Citizens 4 Templeton website!

On this site, you will find information regarding Templeton town business and politics, including video links of important meetings, and information on some of the town’s current issues. It is our hope that you will review this information and make informed decisions regarding upcoming meetings, elections and ballot initiatives. The number of citizens in attendance at recent town meetings is encouraging, and it is our mission to promote and facilitate even more participation in town affairs.

The purpose of Citizens 4 Templeton is to promote an honest, transparent, informed, and ethical approach to governing the town of Templetonn addition to providing pertinent, factual information to Templeton citizens.

May you all find the facts and be inspired to participate!


Beverly Bartolomeo, Vice Chair


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