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C4T Recorded Meetings

BOS DOR Review part 1    BOS DOR Review part 2
January 11, 2010 day of infamy

September 26, 2011

Vote to place town coordinator on administrative leave

Hiring Jeffrey Ritter

December 19, 2011


February 16, 2012 Board of Selectmen Meeting

Kopelman and Paige Reappointed as Town Counsel

March 5th

Pauly's letter calling for an investigation


March 15, 2012 Elementary School Building Meeting

Featuring Former Selectman Dennis O'Brien's "Stupid Taxpayer" Commentary (about 3 minutes into this meeting)


April 12, 2012

BOS meeting Part 1- Annual report cover; OML violation Bennett; interim Fire Chief

April 12, 2012

BOS meeting Part 2- Reappointment of Carol Skelton who has a lawsuit against the Town


April 23, 2012

Robert's Rules? I believe 6 officers were present at this meeting

Slide Show of 252 Baldwinville Road

Municipal Building Committee's Proposed New Town Hall Site

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